Lois & Zeke

About the photographer, Lois Stanfield

My first waking memories were of wanting to be on a horse! I remember at 2 years of age, I was willing to do anything and play any part (even the villain!) with my slightly older friends so long as I could be on the rocking horse. I began saving to buy a horse as soon as I had some conception of what money was.

The only one in my family to ride and have an interest in horses, I finally began to realize my dream at the age of 10 when my Dad took me out to the local riding stable for weekly lessons. At 13, my parents took my interest more seriously and leased a horse for me for the summer. That wonderful horse, "Lamb," carried me around for almost 5 hours a day through the summer, doing ring work, a little jumping, and lots of exploration through wooded trails and meadows.

At the age of 14, I finally owned my first horse. I never looked back.

After many years of bareback riding, english equitation, jumping and an introduction to combined training, I discovered dressage. I was hooked.

Years later, I bred and raised my dream horse, Zikar (Zeke), a Swedish Warmblood by Zorn out of my Thoroughbred mare, Gel's Hope, and together we trained into the FEI levels of dressage.

Throughout my adult life I supported myself and my horse habit as a graphic designer, specializing in book and publication design. I designed and produced scores of books and book covers for publishers of all kinds: college, scholarly, adult trade, ficton, non-fiction, and children's books. I also did photography, digtal imaging and image compositing for photographic cover illustrations, and many publishers relied upon my expertise for photographic color correction, retouch, and image restoration of old, historic photographs. On the side, more as a hobby, I photographed fine art landscapes and abstracts.

For a short and painful period of time I sold my horse, Zeke, and moved from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, to southern California to rebuild my life. I was lost without him and my connection to the world of horses! I began going out to some of the best training barns in the San Diego area, and photographed horses for fun, as a way to get my "horse fix." Naturally, people were interested in the photographs I took of them, and eventually my little hobby began to grow into a viable source of income as I combined all of my skills from graphic design and photography with what I loved most: horses.

And, a year after moving to California I was given the opportunity to buy back my horse, Zeke. I knew then he would be with me until the end of his days.

I returned to Minnesota in 2003 and brought with me both my horse and my photography business. I continue to do photography, graphic design and production for the publishing world, but equine photography seems to dominate my world at least six months out of the year. And it continues to expand, as I now include family portraits and pet photography as well as a large selection of giclee fine art prints and digital paintings.

As for Zeke, he is now 21 years old and about to leave dressage behind for a new career as a trail horse!

Life continues to expand and unfold.

I love what I do. I hope you will allow me to share this love with you to capture the beauty, spirit and love you have for your horses, your pets, and your family.

--Lois Stanfield